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Contact Center Solutions

Business ApplicationsContact centers come in all shapes and sizes and have some of the most unique business applications. To meet the needs of internal “customers,” some departments in large organizations even perform a contact center role without thinking of themselves as contact centers.

At the other end of the spectrum are enterprise-class operations that might have agents at multiple sites worldwide. They require automated interaction, advanced routing, workforce management tools and a whole array of other capabilities to work effectively.

Video: How a small Contact Center can drive major profits!

Intelling Limited is a business processing outsource service, founded in 2012 by six industry veterans. Looking to establish itself as an industry expert and expand globally, Intelling teamed up with Mitel to power its customer experience.

Contact centers that build relationships

Whether it is a department, an enterprise, or something in between, the top job for the contact center is to ensure that customers get the kind of service they need to build and maintain profitable relationships. With our contact center leadership, you will be able to:

  • Empower customers.
  • Ensure agent productivity.
  • Manage efficiently.
  • Streamline operations.

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